Chris Frye and the Analog Ghosts

Chris Frye spreads his wings again – over a decade since his last solo release, the lead singer/guitarist and songwriter with Canadian folk-roots heroes The Bills has teamed up with award-winning producer and friend Joby Baker, along with some of the country’s most soulful musicians, to create an energized, intelligent, soulful, fun and funky new record of his latest original compositions: Two Sides of Canadiana. Featuring an eight-piece band, including horn section, the new material is indeed separated into two sides of musical pleasure:The Heat (full-blown, good-time roots/soul), and The Chill (folksy, acoustic-based Canadiana). All with a deep focus on themes and topics that Chris sees defining this nation and his place in it.

The Analog Ghosts is Chris’ umbrella name for whichever incredible musicians and singers he recruits to help him realize his latest musical vision. In this case, it’s all about Canada’s (and its southern neighbour’s) somewhat painful growth into the third decade of the 21st century. From his draft-dodging, peace-loving fiddler father to his mother’s family’s three centuries in what is now Quebec, Ontario and B.C., Chris draws upon stories and themes both old and arrestingly current to conjure up a grooving, pulsating and poetic ode to the nation he loves so dearly.

Album Cover - Front

Two Sides Of Canadiana

The band on Two Sides of Canadiana is frightfully special, including:

Miguelito Valdes on trumpet - having emigrated from Cuba after touring the world with members of the Buena Vista Social Club and the Afro Cuban All-Stars, Miguelito is true super star. A mind-blowing, world class player.

Joby Baker on drums, percussion and  Hammond b3 – producer and groove master, Joby is a legend.
Brooke Maxwell on keyboards and saxophone – the composer of music for one of Canada’s best known, off-Broadway musical theatre pieces, Ride the Cyclone, Brooke is one of Chris’ dearest friends and a constant musical collaborator.
Peter Dowse on bass – one of the funkiest Canadians to ever pick up a four-stringed instrument, Peter recorded for years in New York and Montreal, playing on hundreds of classic R&B, soul and funk albums. You have to hear him live to believe his soul and groove.